Sunshine Village, Alberta

Today my cousin, her boyfriend and I went skiing at Sunshine Village in Banff. There was 30 cm of snow the night before and it was still falling! Perfect conditions to hit the slopes.

I fell, tumbled, rolled, pizza’ed and flopped my way down the slopes, but you know it’s been a good day when your body is sore… you know, that good sore, where you worked as hard as you played (or fell as hard as you played).

Regardless, a beautiful way to spend a Saturday.

Let’s examine skiing at Sunshine Village by numbers:

  • Time we left Calgary 7:00am
  • Time we arrived at Sunshine 9:00 am
  • Time it took to drive from Sunshine road exit to parking lot 45+ minutes
  • Time i’ve skied before Sunshine 3x (at Canada Olympic Park, Ski in 3 Lessons)
  • Cost of lift tickets $230 for 3 (~$77 each) grab them at Costco! Cheaper than at Sunshine
  • Cost of ski rentals $26 at the University of Calgary, cheaper than at Sunshine
  • Layer of clothing I had definitely too many, I was sweating the whole time
  • Times I fell 10x+ yes,  A LOT! but you live and you learn!
  • Hours spent skiing 4+ hours
  • Hours spent eating/drinking/in a chilli/gatorade/beer food coma 2+ hours
  • Photos I took 4 from my phone, most of them blurry (see them below)
  • The amount of time the sun actually shone at Sunshine Village 5 minutes and worth it


3/52: Skiing at Sunshine Village

  • Rating:9/10
  • Pros:
    • Views are incredible (even when there’s only 5 minutes of sunshine)
    • Many lifts and runs (decent amount of green runs as well!)
    • Lifts were never busy (but we didn’t wait longer then 2 minutes to get on the lift)
    • Wasn’t as busy as I expected for a weekend
  • Cons:
    • Only open from 9-4:30
    • Limited parking (arrive early, especially on the weekends – you may have to park on the side of the road coming up and take the bus in)
    • Can be expensive (get your rentals at U of C and lift tickets from Costco!)
  • Overall:  I have only ever skied at Canada Olympic Park, so to ski in the mountains was wonderful. It was cloudy/snowy the majority of the day, but still beautiful. If you’re learning to ski, or are basically Olympic ready, you’ll love Sunshine Village.

Directions: From Calgary, Head west on Highway 1 and exit onto Sunshine Road.

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