My top 3 hiking essentials

My top 3 hiking essentials have been tried and tested. From weeks on the road to overnight backcountry trips, these are my hiking holy grails that I won’t leave the house without!

1. Salomon Hiking Boots

These hiking boots are incredible! Not only are they waterproof (made from GORE-TEX), they are extremely comfortable and provide the necessary support/grip on uneven surfaces. I bought these from Atmosphere way back in 2014 on sale for an incredible $90 ($160 originally). Unfortunately,  Atmosphere no longer sells these exact hiking boots, but they have similar styles online. I’ve probably hiked in these boots over 50 times in the last 3 years and they have held up in mud, snow and any unexpected conditions on the trail. They have changed the way I hike and I definitely cannot go without these boots. They are game changers.

2. Osprey 15L day pack (Removable from Osprey Farpoint 55)

I also bought the Osprey Farpoint 55 back in 2014. As much as I love this backpack, the  removable 15L day pack is what I use on a regular basis. The main body of the Farpoint is 40L and great for travel and backcountry camping trips. The one negative of the main body is that it has to be checked in while flying and can’t be used as a carry on. I haven’t used the main body as much as the removable day pack, but it’s great to have the option to use the parts in combination or individually.

The removeable 15L day pack has been my travel companion on many long haul fights and even my main travel pack for shorter adventures. I take this backpack EVERYWHERE. The zippers are virtually indestructible and heavy duty. I have stuffed this bag to its capacity and it has continued to surprise me and outcompete any backpack I’ve used in the past. I originally bought this backpack online from a company called Live Out There, but they no longer carry the 55L, so I have linked the main Osprey website below. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this tiny, but durable backpack.

Two weeks in the Philippines with just my Osprey 15L Day Pack

3. Canon 70D 

I’ve had this camera for about 7 months and I can’t imagine taking photos without it. Before buying my Canon  70D, I was just using my cell phone for photos. As an amateur photographer, I researched for months to find the perfect camera where I could learn the basics of photography, while also filming and capturing the beautiful landscapes from my travels. I finally caved and bought this camera from Amazon and have been loving it! I’m still learning and trying new things with this camera, but I can only hope with more practice and more outdoor adventures my photography will improve.

Check out Amazon for this camera, I bought mine with ZooomElectronics **

**This is an amazon affiliate link.

A closer look at my 3 essentials in action during my Tasmania trip.



What are your hiking essentials?

2 thoughts on “My top 3 hiking essentials

  1. Awesome! I want a good camera. My three would be:
    1. GoPro Hero 4 Silver
    2. Merrell Concordia Boots
    3. Cancer Council SPF 30+ Sunscreen
    Third one is necessary to avoid an afternoon lobster.

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